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DEPARTMENT OF CHILDREN AND FAMILIES Division of Early Care and Education dcf.wisconsin.gov Incident Report Regulated Child Care Centers Use of form This form is voluntary however completion of this form meets the requirements of DCF 202. Instructions The licensee / certified provider shall report any death of a child in care or any incident or accident that occurs while the child is in care that results in an injury that requires professional medical treatment. Licensee shall notify the...
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(5), Wis. Stats. (c)1.,, ,, ,, ,, s. And (). 3. If a parent or one of his or her designated children who are residents of this state has committed, is about to commit, is suspected of having committed a violation of this regulation or of any other regulatory or prohibition relating to children living in care homes or child care centers and a copy of the violation has not previously been taken by a member of the department, the department shall immediately notify the Wisconsin law enforcement agency. 4. The department shall immediately send a letter notifying the individual that the department, for a period of no longer than one business day, will review the child-specific complaint, the information provided by the individual, if available, and verify that: (a) The individual did not cause, or have the responsibility to cause, the violation; (b) The violation did not occur as a result of the individual making a deliberate act; (c) The violation did not cause substantial damage; (d) The individual did not violate a written rule or provision of law; and (e) The violation does not include a requirement to have or to perform a service or provision of an item that should be provided. Notice may be sent to the individuals as follows. (G) (7) If any of the conditions specified in subsection () apply and the individual's written report is not forwarded through the department, the written report is not evidence relating to alleged abuse under s. however, the written report may be used by the department to further investigate allegations of possible violations. To investigate a report, the department will use its existing investigative procedures as follows. (8) A certified copy of the written report of the incident or other written information provided by the individual pursuant to sub. (5), or a copy of a determination that the person responsible for the incident committed a violation of this regulation and is in violation of a provision of law within the jurisdiction of the department under this section, shall be sent immediately, as soon as practicable, to the local law enforcement agency. Upon receipt, any local law enforcement agency may, according to the requirements of law, have the report referred to the appropriate office of the district attorney or to the department of child services to commence an investigation authorized under this subsection.
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Karen Good afternoon everyone I'm Karen Utrecht with the State Capacity Building Center and welcome to the PostingSerious Incident Data and Child Care Inspection Reports Webinar Our presenter today is Nina Johnson a technical assistance specialist with the NationalCenter for Early Childhood Quality Assurance I'll turn it over to Nina unjust a minute, but I wanted to give everyone some additional information about this webinar series before we start This webinar is the first webinar in the Hot Topics and Consumer Education Websites series hosted byte State Capacity Building Center This series is designed to bring you new information and resources in order to help you enhance your consumer education websites The series runs through December, so you'll have plenty of opportunities to participate in a variety of webinars that we have planned for you this series will showcase topics such as the one today that address required elements pertaining to consumer education websites It will offer highlights of ways in which you could enhance how families child care provider sand other stakeholders experience your website while facilitating compliance and highlighting best practices For example some of our future topics behave planned include using data analytics to inform your website development and examining ways in which you can make your website more accessible to people with disabilities and who speak another language other than English We also have webinars planned to address how to enhance your website using feedback from stakeholders how data governance can support a more effective consumer education website and other webinars to help you think about branding and social media strategies So you can see we have a whole host of topics planned for you, and we're really excited to bring this series to you today and throughout the year Make sure you check each webinar announcement in this series so that you can alert the right staff to be on these calls Some of these webinars are more technical in nature, so you will probably want to have your IT people communication staff or other stakeholders listen in so that toucan take full advantage of the information and resources we'll share in each of these webinars So a couple of notes about the webinar today so during Nina's presentation today we'd like you to use the chat feature to submit questions you might have on this topicBoth Nina and I will remind you throughout the webinar to do this what we're going to do is we're going to review your questions and in two week son April 25th from 200 to 230 pm Eastern Time we'll answer as many questions as pecan in what we're calling an Ask Me Anything Webinar If you think of question after the webinar don't worry you can email us, and we'll give you the email at the end of this webinar We'll also follow up with an email, and we'll put the email in the chat box as well You can also use the chat box if you have any technical issues throughout the webinar and just chat...
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